UCL Academy summer disco, sponsored by Chestertons, raising money for young homeless in London

terms & conditions

This is a non-uniform event
By purchasing an entrance ticket you are agreeing to these terms and conditions.
The UCL Summer Disco Party is organised by the UAPA (UCL Academy Parents Association) in conjunction with the school leadership.
School staff will be in attendance all evening.
This event is for current UCL Academy students only and not open to the public / family.
Sorry, no parents are allowed at the event, except for those helping out (volunteers needed) or where a parent/carer is required for the medical needs of the child. This must be approved by the school in advance.
Parents / carers who are volunteering to help at the event may have problems with childcare, so they are welcome to bring along their younger kids, although they may not be allowed into the disco itself.
We cannot put on this event with parent support... we need to have around 6-12 UAPA parent volunteers to help set up and manage the event, serve drinks and food etc.
If you would like to be a volunteer, please get in touch.
Save money and guarantee a ticket! Book tickets in advance @ £5.00
Payment is via the credit / debit card link on this site that is shown after registration.
Card payments incur a £0.50 handling charge which is levied by the payment handler (PayPal). The total chargeable is £5.50
You DO NOT need to have a PayPal account, they simply process your debit or crediy card and charge us  handling fee.
A limited number of tickets are available on the night, at a higher price and exact cash only please.
Purchases are final; no refunds are available unless the event is cancelled.
Proceeds are being donated to charity - see details here
We are unable take bookings via JustGiving as we need to register the attendee. However, an optional donation can be made, details to follow.
On registration you must note who the ticket is for via the booking form, as we cannot allocate tickets without a name nor refund money if you have omitted this information.
We have a strict limit on the number of tickets available, and cannot accommodate everyone. We expect that few tickets will be available to buy on the night. Any that are available will be first come - first served, and payment must be in exact cash only. If we have sold all the advance tickets then no others will be allowed in on the night.
Entry is only via the wristband ticket which is issued at reception on arrival.
All items, food, entertainers and any previously advertised activities are subject to change without notice, and no refund or partial refund is available.
Right of entry is reserved.
Usual standards of Academy student good behaviour are expected. Students who are rude, abusive, swearing, or causing trouble or distress to other guests will be denied entry or asked to leave the party and receive additional school sanctions. No refund will be issued to anyone who is asked to leave.
Loud music will be played. There will be smoke machines, bubble machines, lasers, ultraviolet lighting, and possible strobe lighting.
If food is served, it should be assumed to contain nuts, and any drinks assumed to include sugar and food colourings.
Please ensure your child has any medications they would normally require with them, and is competent to use them. This includes inhalers and Epipens. Ensure a UCL Academy staff member has been notified.
If they're travelling home by bus, remind them to bring their Zip card pass and charged mobile phone.
​By purchasing a ticket, you consent for your child to be photographed at the event, and the photos possibly used on this site, the UCL web site and UCL social media, and the vendors sites. You can opt out of this in advance and they will be issued with a yellow wristband to alert us. Or at any time after the event by contacting us via the CONTACT page and quoting the image reference.
Students must be collected promptly at 8:30pm from outside the main reception. The building will be closed shortly after that, and there will not be anyone on site to care for your child.
There is no waiting area for parents while the event is on.
The school switch-board will not be open in the evening, so you will not be able to leave a message.
Students who have the permission of their parent / carer to travel home independently will still need to remain on site until 8:30pm unless expressly confirmed in writing by you in advance.
There is no re-admission. If your child leaves the event, they will not be allowed to re-enter.
If you have any further queries, please subscribe for updates or contact us.


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The UCL Summer Party is organised for the school by the UAPA (UCL Academy Parents Association). We are a non-profit group, and the event is organised to help raise funds for our nominated charity, and is generously supported by UCL and our event partners.


All views on this site are independent of the school.


By booking for the event  you are agreeing to the Terms and Conditions which can be viewed here.

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